The DevBlackOps Brief: September 7, 2020

Hey folks! Welcome to the first edition of the DevBlackOps Brief!

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Here are some updates on the things I’ve been working on and other interesting/fun stuff I’ve found on the vast interwebs.

Things I’ve done and am proud enough to share (lots of other stuff I’ve been doing is complete garbage and should never see the light of day) :-)

  • Chapter 11 (Oh no, is that a bad sign?) of my Building PowerShell Modules book has been published on Leanpub. This chapter contains a bunch of “best practices” and other tips for creating high-quality PowerShell functions. If you don’t know, Leanpub is a self-publishing platform that allows you to release books early and often. Buy the book once and get updates for free, forever. If you use PowerShell and are interested in learning about module development, you should check it out.

  • Speaking of Leanpub and PowerShell, I’ve also contributed a chapter to a community project called the PowerShell Conference Book - volume 3. Think of it as a “conference talks in a book” where each chapter is by a different speaker. Many fantastic members of the PowerShell community collaborated on this project. My chapter is about testing Terraform with Pester. If you dig PowerShell, I’m sure you’ll find something valuable in this book.

    Even better, ALL proceeds of the project go to the OnRamp scholarship program run by the folks behind This program helps get underrepresented folks and those new to the field into IT training.

Things I’ve run across that I think are worth sharing:

That’s it for the first edition of the DevBlackOps Brief.